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Wishlist King at a Glance

Beautiful & Seamless...

We've heard you. Wishlist King will seamlessly integrate with your stores design, ensuring that this app will completely blend in with your company's unique look and feel that you have worked so hard on to create. Wishlist King Demo

Fully Customisable...

Advanced users and Shopify theme designers can customise Wishlist King without any limitations.

Wishlist related templates can be edited via the familiar Liquid template markup.

Easy semantics and an extensive documentation will make your job a breeze.

Dynamic & Responsive user experience...

Dynamically add or remove products from your Wishlist from anywhere in your shop with one click of a button. No page refresh, no redirect necessary.
The Wishlist status of products will be visible anywhere on the site eg. Homepage, Collections, Product pages etc.

Customers don't have to have an account or to be logged in to start creating wishlists.

Though once logged in, wishlists will be saved permanently to your customers' account, making it accessible from anywhere or any device.

Smart Variants...

Variants selected on product page will be shown in Wishlist upon adding.

Variants can be selected or changed on Wishlist page and directly added to the shopping cart.

Fair pricing for everyone...

We believe everyone should be able to power and enrich their Shopify online store with our Apps. That's why we offer more affordable pricing for smaller shops, as less traffic also means less resources used on our servers.

For our high volume customers we provide super fast, scalable servers to ensure the best possible user experience without any interruptions or delays. Maximum responsiveness guaranteed!

  • Development Stores - free
  • Basic Stores - $4.95 /mo
  • Standard Stores - $19.00 /mo
  • Advanced Stores - $29.00 /mo
  • Plus Stores - $49.00 /mo

Try Wishlist King now

It's free for 14 days!